• Jul 28, 2017
  • by Madison Grace

Welcome to Foxglove’s Tag Talk!

We all know that sometimes hentai tags can be confusing sometimes. There are some sex acts you've never heard of before, or terms that require lots of background checks to see if it’s something you’d even like.

Fear not! Foxglove is here with a new series called "Tag Talks." We’ll start by going over three different sex tags you may find on some of Project Hentai's mangas. In turn I hope this will help you pick out the best hentai manga for your entertainment in the future. There are also future planned tag explanations that go over others, so this is far from the end of this series.


This is the Japanese term for wearing glasses. Please take note though; this term is used mainly for male characters who wear glasses. It's for man meat lovers and ladies alike who love those four-eyed beauties. If you love some studs with glasses this is the tag you want to look out for!  An example of this would be in the hentai manga Magical Warriors Chocolat and Pudding, in which we do see some men wearing some glasses.


Maybe the hot stud in glasses is not your thing… Maybe you are looking for that cute shy geeky girl. Or the smarty pants of the class who has those sexy frames adorning her flushed cheeks as she gets penetrated (oh my!). This is the tag you want to look out for when it comes to women in glasses.  A prime example is Project Hentai’s Boing Boing.


It is something we should all aim to do while we are having a good time under the sheets (or wherever else); "it" being boob sex. This Japanese term is one that we often see in our hentai manga’s. At one point or another it has become quite standard, just as common as actual sex in many case.

Not many complain about a shlong placed between a pair of delicious melons. If you love tit play make sure you look out for this tag because you know it will lead to a good time, at least for those who like that kind of thing. One example of this would be Bust to Bust where we see quite a lot of tit sex with busty babes throughout the manga.

Stay tuned for more Tag Talk! There are so many tags, so consider this a series that will go for quite a while. I hope this was informative for the newbie (or non-newbie) hentai readers out there!

Review by Foxglove