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Sweet Dreams
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Alt. Title: こんなに優しくされたの (konna ni yasashiku saretano) Summary: If you happen to walk in on your brother, dressed like a girl, making chocolate for a date, would you ignore it or beat him up (or off)? What would you do if you found videos of your mom among your porn collection? Can you be hospitalized over the fact that you're a virgin? The heroes and heroines of SWEET DREAMS have had these moments and more, and much like the class of oversexed students, they’ve had to do a lot of thinking on their feet and their backs! This collection of short stories touches every sort of dark corner of your mind, covering things you didn’t know you were interested in…   _____ Author/Artist: Kenji Kishizuka  Imprint: PROJECT-H ISBN-13: 9781624592850 ISBN-10: 1624592856 Type: Single Volume Genre: Romance, Anthology, Hentai English text