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Goddess Of The Glass Vol. 3
$22.95 USD $22.95 USD
Alt. Title: ガラスの女神 3 Summary: Keita may be in a relationship with budding model Aya…but he can’t get beautiful and kind Honoka off his mind! Will he look deep inside his pounding heart and break apart their torturous love triangle once and for all? Goddess of the Glass sparkles and shines with a story of sweet romance and wild passion! Will college prove to be the testing ground for grown-up feelings? And can courage save the day when things get too hot to handle? Author/Artist: Mizuki Asamori (朝森 瑞季) Imprint: PROJECT-H ISBN-13: 9781624590528 ISBN-10: 1624590527 Type: Series Genre: Hentai, Seinen, Hentai English text
Goddess Of The Glass Vol. 2
$22.95 USD $22.95 USD
Alt. Title: ガラスの女神 2 Summary: Despite his ongoing attraction to his classmate Honoka, Keita continues his relationship with their kouhai Aya. Keita attempts to cast off his feelings for Honoka in order to remain “Aya’s boyfriend,” but a visit from his cousin only complicates matters further!! These hearts are so in love but they just can’t be honest with their feelings. And now they are getting so mixed up, you can’t take your eyes off them!! Feast your eyes upon this campus love triangle full of cuties! The entangled love drama continues with all great steamy and erotic depictions found in the first volume. It's sweet, comedic, raunchy, and playful all at once, especially when a new girl joins this fiasco!  _____ Author/Artist: Mizuki Asamori (朝森 瑞季) Imprint: PROJECT-H ISBN-13: 9781624590504 ISBN-10: 1624590500 Type: Series Genre: Hentai, Seinen English text
Goddess Of The Glass Vol. 1
$22.95 USD $22.95 USD
Alt. Title: ガラスの女神 1 Summary: After a fateful encounter with the gorgeous and mature Honoka, chemistry-major Keita is unable to tell her how he feels before getting sucked into an unexpected relationship with Aya, a sweet but oblivious underclassman! Both girls are incredibly beautiful, and even though their personalities are so different, Keita discovers he really cares for them both... But it's not okay to have two girls at once, right?! With vividly erotic depictions of a man unable to decide between two lovely and voluptuous ladies, Goddess of the Glass starts off a comedic campus love triangle with a bang... or several! _____ Author/Artist: Asamori Mizuki (朝森瑞季) ISBN-13: 9781624590481 ISBN-10: 1624590489 Imprint: PROJECT-H Size: 5.875" x 8.25" Genre: Hentai, Seinen English Text
Extra Juicy
$9.95 USD $9.95 USD
Alt. Title: つゆだくめしべ Summary: When Ogura starts at his first real job after college graduation, the last person he expects to meet there is the adorable Yumi from his high school days. He used to be her upperclassman, but now not only is she teaching him, she's also grown into quite the voluptuous beauty! Ogura simply can't help falling head over heels... but is a relationship like that really possible between coworkers, even with all the happy memories of the past? Mizuki Asamori's exciting short story collection is filled with love, passion, and all sorts of sexy shenanigans! Eight erotic tales featuring eight gorgeous girls with full, lacy bras and beautiful smiles make this volume Extra Juicy! _____ Author/Artist: Mizuki Asamori (朝森 瑞季) Imprint: PROJECT-H ISBN-13: 9781624590009 ISBN-10: 1624590004 Type: Single Volume Genre: Seinen, Erotica, Hentai English Text