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Puppy Lust
$24.95 USD $26.99 USD
Alt. Title: わんこ淫 Summary: When naive Nene's puppy runs away and is picked up by a cool, commanding stranger, her whole new world goes straight to the dogs! But what happens when getting bossed around and berated like a naughty pet turns out to be the biggest thrill Nene has ever known? Puppy Lust blends feisty flirtation and playful punishment into a master and servant mix that's sure to be please! Sometimes, a swift scolding and a surprise reward are the only way to truly know that your owner cares! _____ Author/Artist: Toshi (都氏) Imprint: PROJECT-H ISBN-13: 9781934129814 ISBN-10: 193412981X Type: Single Volume Genre: Seinen, Comedy, Ecchi, Hentai English Text 100% UNCENSORED