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Study Time For High School Sluts
$14.95 USD
Alt. Title: クソ生意気な教え子JKをド淫乱ビッチに変貌させて子作りスタディーなう Student teacher Shuji Hayashi dealt with constant bullying at the hands of his bratty students until he came upon a magical item known as the "Hanten Glasses" which changed his life forever. Instantly he became irresistible in the eyes of the ones who previously despised him. With one week left in the semester, Shuji's erotic fantasy life begins! 464 page full color CG set
Kodomo no Jikan Houkago
$7.95 USD
Alt. Title: こどものじかん / A Child's Time  Kodomo no Jikan is a school life comedy by day, and a psychological drama by night. As Daisuke attempts to remedy the complex challenges his students face outside of school, the reader is forced to ask oneself, is Rin really just an innocent child? Or was Daisuke the innocent one after all? Kodomo no Jikan sets itself apart from other manga by taking controversial themes that nobody has dared to touch, and spinning it into a positive light. Watashiya challenges the reader’s sense of morality. This is a highly recommended series if you like to explore unique subjects within literature. Best to be read with an open-mind. Note: This is an extra volume containing the original Kodomo no Jikan concept as well as some side material and what-if scenarios
A Jellyfish Girl's Very Sweet Pet Mating Diary
$9.95 USD
Alt. Title: クラゲ娘ちゃんのあまあま♪愛玩交配日記 Always watching in appreciation without any way of showing her affection, Miku sat idly behind the glass until the day she finally got what she wanted! This jellyfish now with a human mind, heart, and body wants to do anything she can to show thanks to her caretaker. Be careful, her love definitely stings, but that's just part of the experience! 217 page full color CG set
Tormented by Cum Crazy Rui - Human Training Diary
$9.95 USD
Alt. Title: セーエキ大好き瑠衣ちゃんの責め責め♪人間調教日記 Ever wonder what it'd be like to get sucked off by a frog? What if it was a full-sized frog girl? With her plump, slimy body and extraordinary oral techniques Rui will stop at nothing until you are milked dry. Once she has you in her sights, there is no chance of escape, but who would want to try anyways?  260 page full color CG set
Girls 2 Women
$9.95 USD
Alt Titles: 少女から娼女へ… | From Little Girls to Slutty Women...  A banquet of bold beauties, Girls 2 Women is a collection of Shiomaneki's sexy stories of seduction, now adapted into an anime. From cute girls to sultry women, these girls have only got one thing on their minds. Can anyone resist their feminine charms? 206 page bundled volume
Submission of Super Cute Girls
$9.95 USD
Alt. Title: 女激カワ女服従!孕ませ中出し政策 With the birthrate in a severe decline, the government has come up with a surefire way to turn things around. No matter what their income, profession, or class in society is, women must submit to and satisfy men. This is the law. 224 page full color CG set
Sweet Ladies
$9.95 USD
Alt. Title: アマネェ! / Amanee!   Ladies are all the more sexy when you’ve got someone seasoned. These experienced vixens are all the more ready to capture the hearts of energetic studs. Perfectly aged honey has never been sweeter! 205 page bundled volume
Elite Sister and Her Brother's Secret Lecture - Reverse Position of Me and Manager
$9.95 USD
Alt. Title: エリート姉と弟のマル秘裏説教!-立場逆転課長と俺- Serious and stoic women easily fall into obedience once you find out their hidden desires. Teachers, superiors, and wives all show the sides of them that they keep hidden away in this comic anthology! 96 page bundled volume
The Female Coworkers at My Part Time Job are Too Erotic
$5.95 USD
Alt. Title: ボクのバイト先の女子達はエロ過ぎる Getting a job in a place full of older women seems a bit tough. Considering they all seem fairly carnivorous the chances of survival feel especially low... Will our protagonist Miura make it out alive? 52 pages full color
Sex Toy Research Log
$5.95 USD
Alt. Title: エッチな玩具研究日誌 Ever wonder what the corporate environment at a sex toy manufacturer is like? Dive deep into the process of production and more importantly testing! The employees have to make sure that they ensure maximum pleasure after all. 42 pages full color
The Netorare Life of A Sweet Newlywed Mother
$9.95 USD
Alt. Title: おっとり新妻 ママみ甘やか寝取られ性活 After a stressful day at work, nothing soothes the soul better than spending time with Riho. She'll be there to comfort you when you're feeling down. She'll lend you an ear when you are completely fed up with life. There is no going back once you fall for her because she will do anything for you if you ask! Her kindness has no bounds, not just for you, but for everyone she meets! 212 page full color CG set
Trembling Lips
$19.95 USD $24.95 USD
Alt. Title: フルエルクチビル / furueru kuchibiru High school teacher, Kurosawa falls in love with his truant student, Kon. The two embark on an affair and neither can bring themselves to break it off. Kon finds that she’s no longer content with keeping their relationship hidden in the shadows and sets up a seductive bet that if she wins, then Kurosawa has to take her out on a date.In another teacher/student story, a teacher has an affair with his student, Akagi and she’s determined to never let him go, a brother is seduced by his cat eared, eye patch-wearing sister who demands that he gives back her hymen, Takanaka is entranced by the new Film Society member, Mizuki. Love is strange, as these men discover, however they are bound by the crazy girls who have entered their lives.