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Hentai titles we have in print. Because sometimes nothing beats being able to feel the real thing in your hands.
Cosplay Girlfriend
$22.95 USD $22.95 USD
Alt. Title: コス彼女 Summary: Take your pick:  A skin-tight uniform on a busty volleyball player A sultry chinese dress on a shy office-worker Traditional Japanese clothing on a daring teacher Or, a flight attendant’s uniform on a wild stewardess. So, what’s your pleasure? The choice is yours, with over ten girls and cosplay to choose from, find what turns you on! _____ Author/Artist: Itaba Hiroshi (板場広志) ISBN-13: 9781624590665 ISBN-10: 1624590667 Imprint: Project-H Size: 5.875" x 8.25" Genre: Hentai, Seinen Text: English
Hello Work
$22.95 USD $22.95 USD
Mr. Shirasaki can’t believe his luck! His new job at an elite, all-female venture capital firm means he’ll get to know every exceptional employee from top to bottom. But will a hectic schedule of all-nighters and closed meetings help him climb his way to the top?
Her and Her Uniform
$9.95 USD $9.95 USD
Alt. Title: 制服と彼女と…。 Summary: They say ladies love a man in uniform…but what if you like it the other way around? Introducing Her and Her Uniform, stories about working women and the men who make love to them. You’ll be tempted by these titillating tales which features steamy sex scenes with girls in your favorite uniforms. See all kinds of uniformed ladies doing it: at work or in public… Nine stories brought to you by artist Hiroshi Itaba and jam packed full of his burning love and lustful fantasies of women in uniforms! You’ll be driven over the edge when you see these beautiful babes in their kinky outfits! _____ Author/Artist: Hiroshi Itaba (板場広志) Imprint: PROJECT-H ISBN-13: 9781624590986 ISBN-10: 1624590985 Genre: Seinen, Comedy, Ecchi, Hentai English text
Hot & Steamy Vol. 1
$9.95 USD $9.95 USD
Matsuno, a former employee of a big enterprise, quit his job to work at a rural hot-springinn. That inn was renowned for its romantic matchmaking efficacy so it brought in a crowd ofnewlyweds and couples. One day, after a hard day’s work, Matsuno accidentally shares a bathwith the head mistress of the inn and ends up having sexual relations with her. What will be theoutcome of this casual fling?Itaba is famous for the use smooth curves when illustrating breasts and his action-packed sexscenes. His writing style of mixing romance with comedy makes all his creations a great readas well. Itaba is also well-known for his work, “Three P”, another great Hentai title availablethrough Project-H. Editorial Reviews: Chad Bonin: Critique in Pink Surprisingly, the first volume of Hot and Steamy is actually pretty cute and endearing. Yes, it’s packed to the walls with sex, but everything’s all sorts of vanilla, consensual,...
Hot and Steamy Vol. 2
$22.95 USD $22.95 USD
Alt. Title: 湯~っくりシてね♥ 2 Summary: Matsuno left the corporate life to work at the inn of a hot spring in hopes of living simply. But things get complicated quickly when you’re unofficially dating your employer. Since the day that he started, Matsuno and inn owner Nana Chikura have had an ambiguous relationship. Things aren't getting simpler either, not when he has young and nubile maid Sayumi pining after him. And when a busty protégé from his corporate life reappears, will his relationship with Nana be enough or will the temptation be too great? Relax and enjoy the sumptuous, sexy drawings of artist Hiroshi Itaba. Known for his sensuous illustrations, Itaba takes you on a debauched tale about the complications of workplace romance. All this and more awaits you in the second installment of Hot and Steamy! _____ Author/Artist: Hiroshi Itaba (板場広志) Imprint: PROJECT-H ISBN-13: 9781624590450 ISBN-10: 1624590454 Type: Series Genre:...
Teach Me A Lesson
$22.95 USD $26.99 USD
Summary: After having problems finding a job, Shinji starts attending his step-mother’s continuing education school to get some sort of certification. However, the school is full of perverted female teachers looking to bear his child, who would be in line to take over the school... The battle for his seed is now in session!!
Three P
$9.95 USD
Alt. Title: さんぴぃ PROJECT-H EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS HIROSHI ITABA! Summary: Come and check out the 3 sizzling hot college gals: Reika, Sara and Mizume. Reika - she looks conservative, like a girl next door, but watch out! She’s the wild one! She always gets what she wants! Sara - men just don’t know how to say “no” to her pretty cute face! And Mizume - is the beautiful one and she plays hard-to-get with men. These gal pals have no secrets to each other! They talk about their boyfriend problems, sex problems and compare notes! What would you do if you found out that your boyfriend is cheating on you? Would you be mad or would ask them if you can join them for a threesome? See, they will show you how to have fun! This oneshot contains 9 short stories of these 3 gals having lots of naughty sex! _____...