4C Academy -MC Academy Full Color Edition-

4C Academy -MC Academy Full Color Edition-

Mizuryu Kei

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Alt. Title: 4C学園 / 4c gakuen
A missionary girls school, located on a secluded island, attended by girls who belong to rich, high-classed families. All of this adds up to a great setting for an orgy. Especially the part 'missionary'it gives the impression of holiness, and the direct opposite would be demonic, which may mean tentacles.

Psych, no tentacles this time. Instead, its the mind control setting, triggered by the ringing of the bell tower. Enjoy seeing supposedly "pure" girls lost to wanton lust, and come to later with no idea of what they just did.
Note: this is a full color doujinshi, or doujin, and is 16 pages.


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