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An All-Women Resort Where You Can Have Sex with Anyone (DIGITAL)

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Author: Tsumugi Yūki

Alt. Title: 女子全員!誰とでも即エッチOKなリゾート

I can’t believe what I won in the lottery…

A ticket to an island where you can have sex with anyone girl you’d like.
On this island, the women take care of any desire that male customers might have. A paradise straight out of a dream!

Inhabitants of the island cannot refuse sexual advances from anyone, which means as much sex as you want!!
All you have to do is say the magic words “Would you like to a bath together?” and the women of this island will instantly oblige!

A paradise in which as long as you say the magic words, any girl will have sex with you!

© Tsumugi Yūki - Media

22 Full Color Pages. This is a one-shot chapter

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