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Raw Sex With a Country Gal ~I'll Show You the Ropes~ Ch. 2 (DIGITAL)

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Author: Rentarou Nekomaru

Alt title: 東京じゃ生ハメくらい常識だよ?~田舎ギャルを騙してラブホ連れ込み本番 2

"Acting strong despite being a virgin, she reacts so innocently to my teasing. How could I stop after hearing such cute moans!? No mercy, raw sex time!"

A new transfer student, Miu, joins Shinji's class. It Turns out they're old childhood friends. However Miu acts as if she doesn't know him! She doesn't want anyone to find out she grew up as a country girl. Knowing her weakness, Shinji decides to "show her the ropes" of being a city girl.

25 Full Color pages. Censors for this work are still intact due to the artist never intending for an uncensored version to be released.

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