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The Dirty Triangle

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Author: Kazuma Takeuchi

Alt. Title: とらいあんぐるH / toraianguru h

Kyosuke Toyo is tired of masturbating. As the son of a sex toy manufacturer, he’s tried pretty much everything…that is until his father sends him the latest prototype. Introducing the Neo Love Doll T-00 “Apple”!!! This sex doll is so realistic it can think and act on its own. All this “Apple” wants to do is get in Kyosuke’s pants! But when the girl next door comes knocking, you know things are going to get complicated. In the battle for Kyosuke’s love, will silicone and sex win out? Also included in this volume is The Dirty Triangle, a teenage tale of unrequited love and the lengths we’ll go through to be with that special someone even if it means you’re the third wheel.

Kazuma Takeuchi explores the boundaries of human desire and the ways we satisfy those desires. Take in the gorgeous curves and reveal in the glory of the female form. Bountiful bosoms abound in this raunchy romance!

Chapter List:
1. Prototype Apple 2.5
2. Prototype Apple 1
3. Prototype Apple 2
4. Prototype Apple 3
5. Prototype Apple 4
6. Prototype Apple 5
7. Prototype Apple Final Chapter
8. The Dirty Triangle 1
9. The Dirty Triangle 2
10. The Dirty Triangle Final Chapter
11. The Dirty Triangle Side Story
12. Angelic Reaper Izayoi

194 Pages
90% Uncensored - Tiny black bars

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