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What if My Brother's Friend was an Exhibitionist? (DIGITAL)

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Author: Mana Aizen

Alt. Title: お兄ちゃんの友達が露出系男子だったら

“I’m going to make love to you, okay?”

In order to be closer to her university, Haruka moves into her brother’s place, but her simple life is shattered when her brother’s friend, Iori Tsuga, appears! After seeing him wear a shirt already loose enough to show off his chest and being forced to see his nipples, Haruka dubs him the “Lewd Beast” in her mind. After encountering Iori straight out of the bath prancing around in nothing but his underwear, Haruka declares, “Today I’ll finally tell my brother how much I hate this guy!” But just after she steels herself to finally admit the truth to her brother, Iori boldly approaches her and she can’t help but get caught up in the moment…!

176 pages

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