Embrace And Bloom

Alt. Title: つつんでひらいて / tsutsunde hiraite

Shige feels he’s the luckiest guy in the world. His girl Mayu is short, cute and… uh, “well-endowed.” In fact, Shige’s tantamount to worshipping her voluptuous front, but it turns out, Mayu wants more than just a quick fondle. Meanwhile, Souta is down in the dumps after his date stands him up at the beach. Good thing he’s met Yui who works at the beach café, she’ll do anything to cheer him up.

Stuck in an unhappy marriage, Mr. Shimokogawa gives his new neighbor, the sexy Ms. Amano, an offer she can’t refuse. On the other hand, poor Nishino’s first sexual encounter with Maya came to a disastrously “pre-mature” end. So when he meets her again years later, he thinks he’s been given a chance to rectify his failure. And then there’s this two kids at a college drama club who enact their own racy version of Romeo and Juliet.

But wait, there’s more! This collection of naughty vignettes from creator Michiyoshi Kuon features just about every fetishist’s far-out fantasy. Waitresses, office girls, college sweethearts, childhood sweethearts, office sweethearts, one-night stands, extra-marital affairs, girls with dual personalities, girls with glasses, “well-endowed” girls… name it, everything is within these pages! 

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