Extra Juicy

Extra Juicy

Mizuki Asamori

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Alt. Title: つゆだくめしべ / tsuyudakumeshibe

When Ogura starts at his first real job after college graduation, the last person he expects to meet there is the adorable Yumi from his high school days. He used to be her upperclassman, but now not only is she teaching him, she's also grown into quite the voluptuous beauty! Ogura simply can't help falling head over heels... but is a relationship like that really possible between coworkers, even with all the happy memories of the past?

Mizuki Asamori's exciting short story collection is filled with love, passion, and all sorts of sexy shenanigans! Eight erotic tales featuring eight gorgeous girls with full, lacy bras and beautiful smiles make this volume Extra Juicy!

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