Hot & Steamy Vol. 1

Hot & Steamy Vol. 1

Hiroshi Itaba

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Alt. Title: 湯~っくりシてね♥ / yu~kkuri shitene ♥

Matsuno, a former employee of a big enterprise, quit his job to work at a rural hot-spring
inn. That inn was renowned for its romantic matchmaking efficacy so it brought in a crowd of
newlyweds and couples. One day, after a hard day’s work, Matsuno accidentally shares a bath
with the head mistress of the inn and ends up having sexual relations with her. What will be the
outcome of this casual fling?

Itaba is famous for the use smooth curves when illustrating breasts and his action-packed sex
scenes. His writing style of mixing romance with comedy makes all his creations a great read
as well. Itaba is also well-known for his work, “Three P”, another great Hentai title available
through Project-H.

Editorial Reviews:
Chad Bonin: Critique in Pink
Surprisingly, the first volume of Hot and Steamy is actually pretty cute and endearing. Yes, it’s packed to the walls with sex, but everything’s all sorts of vanilla, consensual, and heartfelt. Sure, I don’t think anyone actually says “love” in the whole book, but hey, that’s not a prerequisite. This would be something for couples to share. There’s a fair amount of fun and laughs, and if you honestly took out the blatant sex-sex-sex, you’d have a pretty decent (albeit very short) story going on here... Hot and Steamy is a surprisingly nice and sweet hentai manga. If you want well-endowed women with a side of the fast-paced world of hot spring business, you’e got a pretty good series starting here. I’m honestly curious to see where this ongoing series can go.
FandomPost (Kelly Edgecomb)
Hot and Steamy lives up to its name, especially to those who enjoy voyeurism and exhibitionism. The traditional Japanese location also gives it a certain cultural specificity that some are looking for as well. Itaba’s art is richly detailed, with the exception of the censored bits, and invites multiple read-throughs. I’m pleased to see Project H continuing to add variety in subject matter, so that people of any persuasion might find something to their taste.

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