How Good Was I? (2nd Edition)

How Good Was I? (2nd Edition)


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Alt. Title: たいへんよくできました?/ taihen yoku dekimashita?

A young man trying to get into college...
A shut-in living out her fantasies online...
A young couple in need of excitement...
A clumsy girl trying to find her place in the world...

Spring. A time for study, for play, for work, for rebirth...for sex. Yuu is a young man with one dream: to get into the same collage as his lovely girlfriend, Saki. Unfortunately, he failed the entrance exam, while Saki got in! With Saki waiting for him, Yuu is even more determined to make it into college to fulfill their dreams. There's only one problem: how can he focus and study when Saki refuses to let up on the sex?

Aren't you curious? Like the characters in the story. this manga just wants to know one thing "How Good Was I?" Don't disappoint it! Read and find out for yourself!

*The 2nd Edition consists of heavier paper stock, redesigned cover, colored pages, and a dust jacket.

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