Our Little Secret

Our Little Secret

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Alt. Title: ひめごと

Cute but clueless Kou has a reputation as quite the ladies’ man! But has he met his match in the foxy (and forward) Haruka? More importantly, will Haruka’s crew of giggling groupies leave this covert couple alone…or is their secret too sexy to be kept?

Our Little Secret keeps tongues wagging with plenty of mischief and wild romance! Can two schoolmates pull off their tender trysts without the whole world finding out? Or will their red-hot relationship tumble headfirst from lust into sweet love?

Author/Artist: Ryu Shinonome (東雲 龍)
Imprint: PROJECT-H
ISBN-13: 9781624591655
ISBN-10: 1624591655
Type: Series
Genre: Hentai, Seinen, Romance

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