Ring X Mama Vol. 1

Alt. Title: リンXママ / rin x mama

Justice Asuka and her group, GIGAMAX, took the women’s wrestling world by storm, but after a traumatic loss the group retired and went their separate ways. Years later, a college student, Ryoma, finds out his landlady, the kind and gentle Sanae, is actually his favorite former wrestling super star, Justice Asuka! What’s more, he finds out GIGAMAX is staging a comeback and they want him to act as their manager! Between finding a new gym, recruiting former members, and relieving the
wrestler’s sexual energy, will Ryoma make it as their manager?? Jump in the ring and find out!

Rditorial Reviews:
FandomPost (Kelly Edgecomb)
A talented ecchi artist from the 1980s crosses over to the dark side of hentai, and crafts a shameless and sweet title pandering to everything I look for in an ero-manga. Manabe promises fighting girls and MILFs, and he delivers in a big way. The censorship is the only thing holding this series back from being my favorite eromanga of all time. I cannot recommend it enough.
All-Fiction: Conner
Ring X Mama is fast-becoming my personal favorite release out of Project-H, with its overwhelming-charm, delightfully over-the-top humor, and most of all the sheer amount of sex-scenes that make other releases from them look tame in comparison. 

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