Swimsuit Sexies

Swimsuit Sexies


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Alt. Title: エロ水着アンソロジーコミックス / Ero Mizugi Anthology Comics

Buxom women change out of their normal, everyday clothes to sexy, revealing swimsuits to achieve their goal. Idols, brave adventurers, magical girls, and undercover cops fight supernatural or corporate crime, but when they get ambushed along the way, how will they endeavor to reach the end?


Poolside to beachside, swimsuits are tested when tension rises and women get drenched in this collection of steamy short stories.


Chapter List:
1. After-School Adventure by Umekichi
2. Detective Ryoko Kashiwagi II by Parfait
3. Unexpected Fan Service by Tokisana
4. Undercover Agent Nagisa by Tsuguha Utsugi
5.The Legend of the Mighty Armor by LEYMEI
6. Magical Girls Gemini's Close Scrape by Rumi Matsunami
7. Sexy Magician by Gonzaburo-

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