Totally Exposed

Totally Exposed


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Alt. Title: 強制露出アンソロジーコミックス / kyousei Roshutsu Anthology Comics

This anthology is all about exhibitionism! A detective must perform sexual acts in public to uncover the location of a bomb, a soldier performs for the enemy to save the lives of her men and citizens, and a bartending hostess puts on a show for a regular's birthday. All that and more, in this collection of seven “totally exposed” shorts from different creators.

Chapter List:
1. The Exposed Sexy Body by Parfait
2. Exhibitionist Knight Chris by Daisuke Segami
3. The Enslaved Idol by Rumi Matsunami
4. Afterschool Exposure by Umekichi
5. The Self-Conscious Boy, Black Magic, and I by Maki
6. A Barren Flower in the War: Operation Decoy by Take
7. Girlsbar: Pink Pompadour by Nishiki Karasuma


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