Triple Mix!

Alt. Title: とりぷるみっくす!

Stunning pop-star idols have it made! But what’s it really like to be the envy of every girl…and the fantasy of every guy? When the protective bubble of fame threatens to kill your fantasies, it’s time to step out of the spotlight and get a little extra-special training!

Triple Mix sizzles and sings with perfect beauties and the fans who can’t get enough of their tantalizing talents! Can a face in the crowd become the destined lover of a celebrity hottie? And will a manager make all the right moves to keep his gorgeous group at the top of the charts?

Author/Artist: Yumeno Tanuki (夢乃狸)
Imprint: PROJECT-H
ISBN-13: 9781624591785
ISBN-10: 1624591787
Type: Single Volume
Genre: Hentai, Erotica, Comedy, Romance manga

English text
90% UNCENSORED (Tiny Black Bars)

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