Velvet Kiss Vol. 2

Velvet Kiss Vol. 2

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Alt. Title: ベルベット・キス 2

The saga continues as Nitta Shin finds himself caught in the midst of an incredible debt. In an attempt to escape payment, he takes on the task of “befriending” a young woman, Kanoko, and puts up with her capricious behavior on a daily basis. As his relationship with Kanoko becomes steadier, Nitta's life gradually starts to calm down — only to be shaken up by more women! He's seduced by Kanoko's step mother, a freelance writer, and a business woman he randomly runs into. Can Nitta face all these temptations and still manage to keep his part of the deal?

Author/Artist: Chihiro Harumi (ハルミチヒロ)
Imprint: PROJECT-H
ISBN-13: 9781934129579
ISBN-10: 1934129577
Type: Series
Genre: Seinen, Ecchi, Romance, Hentai

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