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Is my product in Japanese or English?

All manga and novels are in English for both print and digital.

Do you accept payments other than Credit Cards?

Not at the moment. 

What eBook format should I buy?

PDF - Appropriate for most devices. It works on Windows, Mac, Android devices and most tablets.
*For iOS devices, you may need to download via Safari. It will then display in your iBooks app.

ePub -  Appropriate for most devices. We have 3 different ePub formats to cater best to your particular eReader.
*ePub Apple works for Apple devices and will open up on iBooks. 
ePub Kubo works for Kobo devices.

Modi & PRC - Two formats that work best with Kindle devices.
CBZ - A format that works well with comic book reading apps such as Comic Zeal, etc.

What is your return policy?

Items cannot be returned once they are received unless the item is defective when it arrives. If you need to return an item it must be returned within 14 days and unopened.

All sales are final for digital downloads.

Do you ship to xxx address?

We ship to a most addresses in the US, as well as, a majority of the countries throughout the world. However, currently we do not offer shipping to the UK, Japan, and some middle eastern countries.

We also are not able to ship any of our books to correctional facilities, as they are prohibited material, and will be returned.

What is your cancellation policy?

No cancellation will be accepted unless for back-ordered and/or pre-ordered products.

Do you take requests for products to carry on Project Hentai?

If there's a certain product you wish we had, our staff will go to the full extremes to get it for you. 

I ordered some books for a friend but my order was cancelled and refunded. Why is that?

We cannot send any mature material to correctional facilities as they will return it back to us. If it was the case where the order was already sent out to the correctional facility and returned, we will issue a refund once the package is received, Please keep in mind that the shipping fee will not be refunded and any books that are returned to us in a different state than we sent them in, will be charged a restocking fee. 


Will you be having discounts?

We do have occasional sales that we will advertise via our Twitter and through our newsletter. Please keep a look out for them!

How would I contact Project Hentai?

Please find your way to the Contact page. There you will find the contact form that can help us address your needs. 

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