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Capture Me (DIGITAL)

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Author: Various Artists

Alt. Title: ハメ撮りアンソロジーコミックス / Hamedori anthology comics

In this anthology, seven beautiful girls find themselves having bodies played with as cameras capture every scene. Only the tables are turned when each of these girls discover that they enjoy having the cameras trained on them, and filming all their naughty moments.

Chapter List:
1. POV Therapy By Tousen
2. The Revenger from the Darkness By Parfait
3. Arrow the Armed Warrior ~RAPE TRAP~ By SUKESABUROU
4. Photoholic Idol By Ooba Nii
5. Webcasting Rape Scenes on Live By Maccha Chamomo
6. Obscenity and Swimsuits Caught on Camera By NYAGOMARU
7. Pure & Bitch By Keiya Kaibara

140 Pages

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