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Cute Devil Girlfriend 2nd Edition (DIGITAL)

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Author: Hisasi

Alt. Title: 小悪魔カノジョ /koakuma kanojo

Hibiki only wants her best friend Kazuki to be happy! So why does she get a nasty feeling whenever the ultra-hot elf Elena shows up on his arm? Will these two combatants wage a love-potion war to lay claim to the man they adore?

Cute Devil Girlfriend plays for keeps with hot-headed demons and angelic cuties galore! Will a pair of nurses prove to be too much for a young guy to resist? And can a computer fantasy morph into the ultimate hot reality?

This second edition includes content that was originally omitted from the first edition. It is only available here, no other retailer will carry this edition.

189 Pages.

Chapter List:
1. Crush Aphrodisiac x Nymphomania x Orgy?!
2. Crush
3. Crush 2
4. Crush 3
5. Blood Donation Demon
6. Angel's Ring
7. How a Girl Feels
8. Ai Love You
9. Sister's Ring
10. Tsun ♥ Devil
11. Tsun ♥ Devil abnormal
12. Afterword

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