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Demon's Sword Snakes

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Author: flower games

A young man, cursed by a succubus, goes out on a journey with a group of girls.

However, the journey leads them to an enemy much more fearful than the succubus… a great devil known as the “Snake”.

In this heroic fantasy story about the group’s journey, the group gets corrupted by the sex demon’s curse, featuring 18+ adult scenes.

This is an unconventional RPG aimed at men incorporating heartrending romance.

By having sex with the girls, you can raise their levels.

You can also make weapons and shields by collecting synthesized materials, and discover various new things while exploring the world, all to face the demon’s curse.

The girls will get corrupted into doing obscene acts at every curse point.

What shall await you at the end of your journey…

We urge you to check out the fate of the young man, the girls, and the demon “Snake” for yourself!


OS: Windows10, 8, 7

Processor: CPU 1GHz

Memory: 128 MB RAM

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