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Girls in Bloom (DIGITAL)

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Author: MARUTA

Alt. Title: 先輩と後輩 ファイル

"I don't need friends here."

Akira, a girl from Tokyo, is thrust into the countryside for three months due to her father's work. Although she insists on not making any friends during her short stay, her plans go awry when she stumbles upon two of her female classmates having sex on her first day after transferring in. Akira the city girl becomes entangled with these country girls and embarks on a sweet, sensual ride into the unknown world of yuri.

A 9-chapter compilation of two fantastic works of yuri: "Blossoming Days" (7 chapters) and "Awoken by the Princess's Kiss" (2 chapters)."

192 pages.

© MARUTA - Taiyoh Tosho

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