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Hot Sex in the Winter Ch.1 (DIGITAL)

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Author: Sorahiko Mizushima

Alt title: 真冬の宿直室で汗だくエッチ~ほかほか湯たんぽJKいかがですか?1

"It's too hot already...!!" A flushed body trembling at every touch... Made to come again and again to the point of feeling dizzy from the heat in a freezing cold night-duty room…

Everyday, Sugita, a teacher, struggles with Yoshino, a problem child. One day he was put in charge of night duty, he turned over the futon because he couldn't stand the cold... that's when he found Yoshino inside the covers!? ! Her body temperature is warmer than anything else in the freezing cold room... he thought he could finally fall asleep, untill he discovered he had a full erection!? He couldn't stand the cute expression Yoshino showed for the first time...

25 Full Color pages. Censors for this work are still intact due to the artist never intending for an uncensored version to be released.

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