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I Was Toyed With by a Molester Ep.1 (DIGITAL)

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Author: Shizuhime / Shioko Amekawa

Alt. Title: 私、痴漢のオモチャにされました。「君の未開発な部分…じっくり調教してあげるね?」

Chigasaki Airi is a normal high school girl like any other. One day while on the train to school she encounters a molester! He touches her in ways she’s never experienced! Afterwards she consults with her friends about what just happened to her, and they tell her it’s a pretty common occurrence! “Only perverted girls in porn would feel something by being touched by a guy they don’t even like!” Good thing she didn’t enjoy it… did she? While doubting herself, Airi encounters the molester once again! She has to resist, but her body gets swept away by the pleasure! Oh no!

24 Pages

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