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I Wasn't Expecting You To Just Put It In...! Ch. 1 (DIGITAL)

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Author: Hairi Takamiya

Alt. Title:「挿入れるなんて…きいてないっ!」パリピ部下と1泊2日SEX出張!?

Sex on a 2 day, 1 night business trip with my party-animal subordinate

“This is my…first time so…please do it more gently…” —— Madoka,

an office worker, goes on a business trip to the countryside with her subordinate, Takagi. The hotel they made an arrangement at was double-booked so they couldn’t stay there, and ended up staying at a love hotel that Takagi found! Madoka, who has no experience with men, becomes conscious of Takagi’s gaze through the glass-walled bath, and causes her to wet her private parts and cum while masturbating. Then Takagi says “I’m going to wash your back” as he enters the bathroom, and he gently rubs and washes Madoka’s tight butt and ample breasts. She is at the mercy of Takagi’s manipulations, and as he fiddles with her still-wet private parts, she stifles her voice and cums again… “Please, wash mine too” he tempts, as Takagi holds out his erect penis to Madoka…and then…

32 pages. Lightly Censored

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