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Learning Sexual Education From My Student Ch. 2 (DIGITAL)

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Author: Kaneharu Katagiri

Alt Title: 生徒に教わる保健体育

"I'll teach you all about health, Teacher." After school in the faculty office, a female student before his very eyes, in her underwear! "If I get hard, it's all over with, but I can't control how aroused I am!"

Kota is a teacher who is constantly teased by his students. During the Sex Ed class, he finds out someone replaced the teaching material video with an AV. He reflexively gets an erection and can't let his students find out about it, or it's all over for him!... Thats when class president, Yuna Kawasaki, swoops in to help him out. After school Kota thanks her, and Yuna asks if it was for stoping the video, or for not letting anyone know that he was hiding an erection...!

25 pages. Censors for this work are still intact due to the artist never intending for an uncensored version to be released.

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