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Love Infusion (DIGITAL)

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Author: Renya Sabashi

Alt. Title: 濃いの注入 / koi no chunyuu!

Introducing a collection of amazing hot, steamy sex stories, starting off with a girl mistakenly walking in on a couple having sex. To the boyfriend's surprise, his partner asks the girl to join in on the fun! From then on, he has to fulfill the sexual appetites of two wonderfully demanding women! Another story focuses on the dirty secrets of a girl who is the head of the discipline committee at her school. How far is she willing to go despite jeopardizing her reputation? Other stories include a random fling in the outdoors, a horny nurse, and much more.

232 Pages

Editorial Reviews:

FandomPost (Chris Beveridge)

They all have their differences so it’s not a cookie-cutter routine and the layouts are generally very good with great looking physical encounters that get about as messy as one would expect. There’s a certain lightness to the stories overall as it avoids going dark and dangerous, but it also has a promiscuity across both genders that’s just welcome to see.

FandomPost (Chris Beveridge)

Love Infusion is my first exposure to Renya Sabashi’s work and I have to admit, I quite like it. There’s some good stories in here and the ones where he gets a chance to spread things out a bit tends to work the best. But there’s also some fun short stories here as well. Japanese hentai culture being what it is, there’s some awkward material as well here. But the book as a whole has some good dialogue to it, some good settings and characters to work with and it has some very good looking artwork.
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