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NTR: Netorare (DIGITAL)

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Author: Various

Alt. Title: 寝取られアンソロジーコミックス / netorare anthology comics

A race car mechanic. A demon slayer. A swim teacher. The girl next door. A priestess. A soldier. Six women are stolen away from their men by demons, blackmail, and one overbearing father. Forbidden relationships make these women scream!

Chapter List:
1. The Broken Checkered Flag by LEYMEI
2. Kirin's Interception! by RIESZ
3. He That Touches Pitch Shall Be... by Tsuguha Utsugi
4. Drowned Lust by Daisuke Segami
5. Teresa The Unlawful Wife in Captivity by TAKE
6. The Soldier's Stolen Wife by KANTEN
7. I Like If You Promise Me To Be Only Mine by Kanon Ishino

150 Pages.

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