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Rental Seeding Uncle 2: After (DIGITAL)

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Author: Inori Abe

Alt. Title: レンタル種付けおじさん2アフター ~浮気堕ちした人妻が夫の隣でハメられる連続中出しセックス旅行~

Shiho Fujishima was a frustrated housewife who used the rental seeding uncle service, and was completely captivated by their technique. Even on her couple's hot spring trip, she enjoys playing in the open-air bath with one of the "uncles." She indulges in betrayal, adultery sex with the "uncle" even when next to her sleeping husband at night! Shiho sways between the guilt of her beloved husband and her immoral pleasure. A married woman who was brought up by the uncle's technique and drowns in the pleasure she can't resist.

"I'm sorry, Masahiro-san...but I..."
This is the first after story for the Rental Seeding Uncle rental series!

36 pages.

© Inori Abe

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