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Rental Seeding Uncle 3 (DIGITAL)

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Author: Inori Abe

Alt. Title: レンタル種付けおじさん3 ~ある人妻の種付けおじさん24時間セックス体験記~

Ichiko spends her days alone, unbearably waiting for her husband to return from his overseas business trips. No longer being able to hold it in, she finally decides to dabble in renting a seeding uncle.

It was supposed to be just casual sex with protection and no kissing, however, her smoldering body quickly succumbs to the techniques of the huge cock her husband can’t match.

She becomes addicted to the pleasure. Before long, Ichiko's womb is beaten up by an overwhelming phallus that no female can resist. Slowly but surely, Ichiko loses all modesty and reservations which leads to a 24 hour sexual experience!

36 pages.

© Inori Abe

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