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Rental Seeding Uncle: Ghost (DIGITAL)

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Author: Inori Abe

Alt. Title: レンタル種付けおじさんゴースト ~寺生まれ種付けおじさん、幽霊とノンストップハメ徐霊

A room in a certain apartment is possessed by a sexual spirit that only targets men's dicks! The landlord, who is troubled by the phenomenon, consults a psychic who introduces her to a temple-born "Rental Seeding Uncle". Thus, the struggle of the temple-born uncle begins, he must send the ghost go to heaven, the only way he knows how... with his dick!
Will a virgin earthbound spirit who holds a deep grudge against a men be able to resist the seeding uncle's exorcism?

38 pages.

© Inori Abe

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