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Sadistic Idol x Sex Doll (DIGITAL)

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Author: © Kou Narita - Taiyoh Tosho

“You’ve got such a hot body... We’ll give you plenty of love every night from now on.”

Aki, one of the members of the up and coming all-male idol group Alphard has turned into a girl! This sparks a sadistic streak in the other members, and Aki becomes like putty in their hands!

The group keeps Aki’s transformation a secret from the fans, but meanwhile, backstage, they can’t keep their hands off Aki, taking him at every opportunity they can get: in the dressing room, at the dance studio, in the dorm’s bathroom... Cumming again and again during their rough, forceful sex, what fate will await Aki as the others compete for his affection!?

This story has 9 chapters in total!

249 Pages

© Kou Narita - Taiyoh Tosho

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