Tenkiame -Sun Shower-

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Alt. Titles: 天気雨

Fully Japanese voiced visual novel

A sunny summer vacation… I received a call that my grandfather was in bad health. I felt a bit troubled. But, in order to help out, as the only son of busy parents, I went to stay at my grandparent's house.

Fortunately, the condition of my grandfather was not serious. I spent a relaxing time catching up with my grandparents, after not seeing them for a long time. My grandmother said that the nature here was threatened. It seemed that massive urban development was just around the corner if I didn't take over the land. At that time, my point of view was that it was simply a sign of the times, but…

I went out on the porch after hearing the sound of wind chimes and it was a quiet, green, and pleasant place. Despite being a hot summer, the wind was cool and clear, and I heard the gentle sound of the leaves rustling.

The wind…so comfortable.

Then I noticed a little girl was there nearby in the sunshine. Her seductive, beautiful hair was mountain-shaped…due to her ears.

I was fascinated by the girl's smile in front of me and the whispers of nature...

An innocent and curious fox, "Shiro", and the modest fox taking care of everyone, "Kon". In this way, our little love story begins…

OS Required: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

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