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The Dick Pub Vol 1. (DIGITAL)

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Author: Hiroyoshi Kira

Lewd Service, hospitality in the form of erect penises… Why is it so good!?

A dick pub... where the patrons gets to release their horny urges on scantily dressed men with bulging penises ready for their eager holes!

Kaho gets dragged into a dick pub by her friend, Leona, and she bumps into Naoki, a childhood friend she hasn't seen in years! Naoki just started working at the pub as a host and is theirs for the evening. His rock hard boner is ready for serving these lovely ladies.

This volume contains Chapter 1-3 of this title!

72 Full Color pages. Censors for this work are still intact due to the artist never intending for an uncensored version to be released

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