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Traditional Job of Washing Girl's Body Vol. 8 (DIGITAL)

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Author: Toyo

Alt. Title: アソコ洗い屋のお仕事~片想い中のアイツと女湯で~ 8

Aoi and Souta had a fight regarding his childhood friend Mia. They patch things up the only way they know how, with some hot make-up sex! During their school's festival, Mia tries to make the moves on Souta, but Aoi won't take that sitting down! Their senpai Sakura also clears things up with Takasugi, leading to what else...? More sex!

This volume contains Chapter 22-24 of this title!

73 Full Color pages. Censors for this work are still intact due to the artist never intending for an uncensored version to be released.

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