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Hentai Dictionary

Know your hentai tags and genres


Ahegao - When the eyes roll back and the tongue sticks out. Not a face to make in public

Anal - When you use the back door


BDSM - Spice things up in the bedroom, just remember the safe word!

Big Boobs - Massive tits, super stuffed milkers, honker bonker doiky get the idea

Blow Job - Jaw strength tester. Sucking a penis

Body Swap - It’s gonna be a really freaky Frid*y.. Body transference via magic or potion and whatever anime and hentai logic explains it

Boob job - Like a handjob but with boobs!

Breast sucking - Like what babies do but without the milk (sometimes)

Bridal gown - Beautiful white gowns ready to get messed up in

Bukkake - Larger-scale skin treatment with higher ratio males in a circle cumming on one or a few girls.

Bunny Girl - The famous bunny suit. Are you ready to play, boy?


Camera - Taking photos and videos for later use

Censored - Covered bits and pieces works out your imagination muscle

CG set - A set of nicely produced full-color images, usually from a game or visual novel

Cheating - These hoes ain’t loyal. Also called “netorare” or” NTR”

Cheerleader - America’s equivalent to the seifuku

Chikan - Groping, usually on a train

Comedy - bust out laughing

Compilation - Multiple stories for the price of one! Usually from the same artists, sometimes not. A good deal, nonetheless

Cosplay - Playing dress-up is fun

Creampie - Stuffed to the BRIM (of cum)

Crossdressing - There is just something about a male wearing feminine clothing….

Cunnilingus - When you perform oral sex on a vagina, focus on the clit

Curvy - Thicc, with two Cs


Dark - Dark theme. Usually has violence or blood in the story

Dark Skin - Dark skin is beautiful

Defloration - Involves taking a girl’s first time and a lot of sex right after

Demon - Horned and tailed magical beings that are humanoid and kind of aggressive

Double Penetration - Penetration in the vagina and butt. Double the pleasure, double the fun


Ecchi - Only slightly naughty. There is no explicit sex; just crude humor, some implied lewdness.

Exhibitionism - People fucking or doing naughty things in a public space


Feet - A pretty common fetish. Focused panels or sexy things done with the feet

Femdom - When you want her to step on you

Fingering - Putting your fingers inside the vagina in a rhythmic pattern to give her pleasure. Fun to watch

Forced - Like Grape without the G

Footjob - Like a handjob but with feet

Full Color - All pages of the title is in full-color

Futanari - Girls with dicks


Gender Bender - What might happen if you fall into a cursed spring

Group - More friends to join the fun

Group Sex - The more the merrier

Gym Uniform - Stinky, smelly uniforms ready for you to sniff


Hand holding - The lewdest thing known to man

Hand Job - Using your hand to go up and down on a penis to give pleasure

Harem - All those girls like the same guy!? Just like my japanese animes

Horror - Kind of like “Dark”. Sometimes with monsters

Hypnosis - When the MC uses devices or techniques to get cute girls to do their bidding. And by bidding, I mean sex.

Humiliation - Publicly shamed or degrading a person for pleasure


Idol - Japanese idols are pure chaste cuties all for the main character to ruin and make them theirs

Incest - Keep it in the family. All kinds of pairings involved


Kneesocks - Required for C rank absolute territory

Kimono - A traditional Japanese garment, legend states that you’re not supposed to wear anything else underneath


Lactation - If you suck on a breast long enough, milk will come out. Who’s thirsty?

Licking- This usually involves licking the body of the person for their pleasure


Maid - Ah! The iconic anime maid uniform. Usually black with a white apron on top. Ruffled headband included

Masturbation - Single player sex

Miko - Traditional Japanese shrine maidens usually wearing a white top and red loose pants and long black hair

MILF - Yes, mommy

Mindbreak - When they lose all hope and accept it all

Monster -These are things that are found in a world not of our own. Orcs, sprites, fairies, demons, etc. They might be fucking our hot and sexy main character(s) or they are the ones that are cute monster girls fucking our main character male.


Naked Apron - When someone has no clothes on except an apron. Don’t want to get your clothes dirty!

Nekomimi (catgirls) - Human girls wearing cat ears or catgirls that are human form of girl...cats. Nyaa~

Netorare (NTR) - Cheating but with more emotional investment

Nurse - A nurse to take care of you when you’re sick and fulfill your desires when you can’t help yourself


Office Lady - Someone who works at an office usually with more modest clothing like a three piece suit and tights.


Paizuri - It’s like a handjob but using your boobs. Same as boob job

Petite - I’m not small, I'm fun sized!

Plot - The real reason you read hentai

Public sex - Sex but with an audience


Rape - Forced sex


Schoolgirl - This involves sex wearing a seifuku/school uniform

Sci-fi - Science fiction themes involving things like space, aliens, or super advanced technology

Softcore - These titles contain sex but does not have explicit details and not the primary focus of the story

Succubus - A subspecies of a demon and monster. Usually with horns, slimmer wings, a long tail with a spade end. They suck your life force (semen) to live.

Sukumizu (school mizugi) - The classic school swimsuit

Swimsuit - Usually worn at the beach

Supernatural - The power of god and anime


Tanlines - The contrast between their sun kissed skin and their original complexion

Teacher - Everyone had a teacher they wanted to be tutored by 1 on 1 in private

Tentacles - Slippery, wiggly appendages to hold down and violate holes with.

Thigh Highs - They’re longer kneesocks that goes up to your thighs that create ZR, zettai ryouiki, the soft plush of thigh coming on top of the stockings.

Threesome - A combination of MFF, FMM, FFF, or MMM

Tights - Stockings that are worn up to the hips to keep legs warm and some sort of modesty. They are very fun to rip.

Toys - Adult sex toys are your friend. Anal beads, dildos, vibraors, plugs, etc. There’s a lot.

Tsundere - They’re mean but its not like they like you or anything...baka


Ugly Bastard - Ugly guy with a cute girl. The difference kind of works

Uncensored - Mosaic not Included. The good stuff

Uniform - For school, work, sports, you name it!

Urination - Pee


Vanilla - Basic sex. Nothing wrong with it. Vanilla is great

Voyeurism - When someone is watching others have sex


X-ray - Side or top inside view of a penis in a hole and how much cum is coming out.


Yaoi - Love between boys

Yukata - A light cotton kimono, usually worn in summer

Yuri - Love between girls


Waitress - Girls in waitress uniforms, usually at a diner, that will serve you extra dessert

Western - Western style drawings

Wings - I can be your angle… or yuor devil [this is a meme]

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