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A Sensual Ladies Man (DIGITAL)

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Author: Hitoshi Kino

Alt. Title: 紳士淑女 / shinshishukujo

On the surface, Mr. Morikawa is a pathetic, little man: the type of pathetic, little man that bottles all his rage and lust inside. Weak-willed, no spine, and, to top it off, a virgin, Mr. Morikawa is constantly pushed around and walked all over by his two curvy students. One day, Mr. Morikawa is bullied into drinking alcohol. There’s only one problem: Mr. Morikawa can’t hold his alcohol, he passes out almost immediately…and turns into THE INCREDIBLE LUST, a sensual ladies man with the libido and lust of a beast in heat. Will this new transformation help him educate his two naughty students? Or will THE INCREDIBLE LUST devour him?

There’s a saying that goes, “With enough beer anything is possible.” Well, maybe not, but in the case of Morikawa, the meek teacher, with enough beer a weak man can turn into a raging, rock hard sex fiend! Happy sex and amazing art, read on to find out if Morikawa will be able to control his alter ego or whether his years of repressed lust and rage will eat him up!

228 Pages. Censored with thin black bars.

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